Friday, 26 April 2013

Under The Fountain Project - Please help a child fill long hours in hospital

An example of an Under The Fountain Book Bag

Help us to donate:- Under The Fountain Books at £5.99 (the whole cost of which goes to CLIC-Sargent)

or an Under The Fountain Book Bag. (approx £50.00) You can do it by
organising an event or do it through your local school, club or organisation.
It is our aim to give books and a book bag to every Children’s Oncology Treatment Centre in the South West and the Midlands and at the very least a book to every child receiving treatment.
Please contact us at or on
f page Under the Fountain for CLIC -Sargent

Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Book Bag Project - Please help a child fill long hours in hospital

An example of the contents of an Under the Fountain Book Bag
Under The Fountain" is an adventure story that takes place on the West Country coast, about a boy with leukaemia. The story provides children who are spending a lot of time in hospital, the opportunity of using their imaginations in difficult situations and also gives them the chance of seeing a positive self image in a story. The book has the approval of CLIC-Sargent, and has had some medical input from a Paediatrician and CLIC-Sargent nurses, and sea life information from the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek.

"Book bags" are useful to go along with the books to give children comfort and to explain through the story what is happening to them. ( book bags consist of related information books on sea life, sticker books, DVD, note pad and markers, and plastic sea-life animals) All of these things help children to continue their education and stimulate their imagination in a positive way during their stay in hospital.
Each book bag costs about £50.00, and a book is £5.99.  We would really appreciate any help that you might be able to give us towards this project.
We would like to give at least one book bag to each hospital, that carries out oncology treatment in the South West and Midlands.

If you would like to get involved, contribute or know an organisation or a school that would like to help us with this project, please contact us at    

Have a look at our Under the Fountain Book bags

Photo: One for older children, to help pass the time on a hospital ward
A book bag for children over 6 years of age.

Book bag for children under six years of age

Under The Fountain Book Bag Project Started 21st of February, 2013

Jeannette, who has worked on the Under the Fountain Project, by  sending out requests for Sponsorship etc. and I continued the project by putting together Book Bags. The bags which compliment and supplement "Under the Fountain" consist of related information books on sea life, sticker books, a sea life DVD, note pad, markers, and plastic sea-life animals) All of these things help children to continue their education and stimulate their imagination in a positive way during their stay in hospital.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Businesses in Tavistock Donate Under the Fountain books to Children Receiving Support from CLIC- Sargent at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth


Presenting Jo Annand, CLIC-Sargent Social Worker with Under the Fountain books
at Derriford Hospital, 17th December , 2012

Kathy Lovell, from Callington, author of the book ‘Under the Fountain’ has gained the support of several businesses in Tavistock, so she can donate her book to children receiving support from CLIC Sargent at Derriford Hospital and the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. In total, 22 books are being donated to CLIC Sargent, who support children and young people with cancer, for children and their families to read and enjoy. Along with the books, Kathy is also donating an activity style book bag to help occupy children whilst they are undergoing treatment.
Under the Fountain, whose main character is a boy with leukaemia, gives children receiving long term medical treatment the opportunity to see themselves as a heroine or hero in a story. When Kathy shared her vision of giving the book to children in hospital, businesses of all kinds in the area joined in the project, including; Calweton VetinaryGroup, Taylor’s Restaurant, Dartmoor Country Clothing, Quinns, The Original Pasty House, Cornwall Farmers and many more. 
Jo Annand, Social Worker at CLIC Sargent, says: “I look forward to giving this book to children who are currently receiving treatment and I feel it will be a real inspiration to them.”

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Under The Fountain Book Project

  Since the summer I have been visiting one or two business a week in Tavistock and the surrounding area to try and interest them in the project of giving copies of Under the Fountain to children in Hospital.  I explained how I had come to write the book and that the book had the backing of CLIC-Sargent. 

So far the businesses that have donated have been:- Calweton Veterinary Group, Cafe Liason, Taylor’s Restaurant, J.S. Downing Butchers, Dartmoor Country Clothing, Quinns, Bryant’s Interiors, The Original Pasty House, Cornwall Farmers, Encore, Lucy Watson –Ostepath, the Fireplace and Stove Centre, and Rockin Beads.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Big Thank You to Carol Williams, a member of the local south Somerset and West Dorset CLIC-Sargent Group

Carol was a great help on the day and it was good to share my experiences  with another Mum who had gone through a similiar situation, with a daughter of a similar age to Bryony.